Wave Ensemble

POSTED IN Frances Bartlett Music 8.01.2014

Felipe Contreras bass

Jordi Rallo percussion

Frances Bartlett cello and voice


Lisa Bause violin and acordion

Santi Burgos mandolins and viola

Irantzu Zuasti violin

Dani Ibañez guitar, buzuki and tulum


POEMA 14 by Frances Bartlett       Play

TERRORISM by Frances Bartlett      Play

wave group3Photos by Liran Szeiman

wave group2


Wave Ensemble is a Chamber Ensemble performing new music, song and improvisations on western and ethnic instrumentation, inviting composers and performers to collaborate.

The ensemble is classically trained with a host of influences spanning 4 continents and 4 decades. The individual members have toured extensively with western classical, Latin, Flamenco, Indian and North African ensembles as well as with dance and theatre groups.

Wave Ensemble Concerts are intimate, containing theatrical elements highlighting musical themes with lighting design, communicating personally with their audiences.

Cellist Frances Bartlett instigated Wave Ensemble in 2013, inviting Felipe Contreras, Chile (double bass) and Jordi Rallo, Spain (percussion, tablas) to form the basis of the group. For their first CD and Performance Project, Santi Burgos, Spain (mandolin, viola, banjo and Cabaquinho), Dani Ibañez (Guitar, Buzuki, Tulum), Lisa Bause, Germany (violin), Iranztu Zuatsi, Spain (violin) joins them as invited artists.

The ensemble are based in Catalunya.

Their debut album and Performance Project includes a collection of pieces and songs by Frances Bartlett inspired by the poetry of E.E. Cummings, Shakespear, Pablo Neruda and her own poems about every day life. Wave invited composer Jorge Gállego to write a second series of movements, inspired by the tragic Catalan medieval love story of Elisa y Abelardo.

This first album was recorded in a Romanic Church in el Empordà by Dave Bianchi and produced by his label, Whataboutmusic.

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